The Weirdest Halloween Costumes of 2023

 I guess anything can be a Halloween costume these days. Or at least the companies that make those cheap, foam pull-over costumes think so . . . 

 "Huff Post" just did its annual round-up of the WEIRDEST Halloween costumes you can buy. Here are the highlights . . .

1.  Ceiling Fan. The hat is supposed to look like a fan, and it comes with a shirt that says, "Let's Go, Ceiling!"  (Get it? Ceiling FAN?)

2. A Utility Pole costume for couples. You're each a utility pole, and you're connected by straps that look like power lines.

you're connected by straps that look like power lines.

3. A "Before, During, and After" you go to the BATHROOM costume.  (???) It requires three people. One costume is a full roll of toilet paper . . . another is an empty roll . . . and the third costume is poop.

4.  Sexy Ronald McDonald. The lingerie site is selling it.

5.  Sexy Patrick from "SpongeBob SquarePants". He's the pink starfish.

6. "Sexy Red Super Plumber", a.k.a. Mario. It's one of the rare "sexy" costumes meant for guys. You can also get Sexy Unicorn and Sexy Vampire costumes for men this year.

7.  Botched Surgery costume. Your whole body is covered in bandages, so it looks like you had a nose job, face lift, and every other cosmetic procedure.

8.  Charcuterie Board. It hangs on your chest and has pictures of various meats and cheeses. They suggest pairing it with a glass of red wine.

9.  Moscow Mule. A copper mug with ice and garnishes on top. Bonus: The bartender will know your drink order.

10. A Bud Light couples costume. Each of you are a can of Bud Light.  (Does the boycott include Halloween costumes?)

11. A Price Is Right Four-Pack meant for FOUR people. Each person wears a belt that looks like the podiums contestants stand behind. One of you is biding $1700 . . . another is $800 . . . another says $801 . . . and the last person bid a buck.

12.  Dumpster fire. A burning dumpster, and you're the trash.

13. A Kale Salad and Ranch costume for couples. One of you is a piece of kale, and the other is a bottle of ranch. It's for couples where one person eats healthy, and the other doesn't.  (That's SO specific.)

14  Chicken Nugget being dipped in sauce. That one's kind of cute. It's a costume for toddlers.

15. A taco costume for guinea pigs.  (???) Petco sells it. There's also a sushi costume for pet lizards.

(Huff Post)

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