Guitar Center Employee Drags Man Out Of Store

Guitar Center store front

Photo: Getty Images

Reportedly, an employee of Guitar Center in New Mexico had to handle an unruly customer in an aggressive way because he was causing a problem in the store.

The person who posted the now-viral video said, "A couple of my friends are on tour in Albuquerque, and a guy got caught trying to steal from a Guitar Center."

Another person who was allegedly there when this incident occurred offered more context to the video and said, "I was there, just to clarify: he wasn't thrown out for stealing. He had just assaulted an employee."

The employee can be heard in the video saying, "Alright, you're gonna leave right now, do you understand me? Do you understand me? You are leaving this store right f**king now, alright? Gonna gently let you up. Get up, get the f**k up."

Have you ever checked another customer on how he or she was treating an employee? How did you handle this situation?

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