Jason Kelce May Have Lost Super Bowl Ring Forever In Surprising Place

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Recently retired former Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro center Jason Kelce may have lost his Super Bowl LII ring forever.

Kelce revealed that he dropped the ring in a pool of Skyline Chili while participating in the Lombaby Games during the special live episode his and brother Travis Kelce's 'New Heights' podcast from their alma mater, the University of Cincinnati, last Thursday (April 11).

"There was an unfortunate-ness as you guys know, this game existed because I continuously lose my Super Bowl ring, and I don't even know if Travis still knows this, but I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event," the elder Kelce said. "They could not find it. ...All of this stuff has been thrown away so I think we can safely assume my Super Bowl ring is now in a landfill someplace in the Cincinnati/tri-state area."

Jason and his wife, Kylie, had previously acknowledged his habit of misplacing his Super Bowl ring, which is reported to be valued at approximately $40,000, according to Gitnux.org, and commemorates the Eagles' lone Super Bowl win in franchise history.

"It's just a hunk of metal. I'll just have another one made, I think. They can do that, right?" Jason said after telling his brother he made an insurance claim for the ring.

Kelce officially announced his retirement during a press conference on March 4. The Ohio native is one of the most celebrated players in Eagles history, starting at center in all 193 games of his 13-year NFL career, including the franchise's lone Super Bowl victory in Super Bowl LII, while being selected as a first-team All-Pro six times (2017-19, 2021-23) and Pro Bowler seven times (2014, 2016, 2019-23).

In January, Kelce, spoke with the Philadelphia Inquirer's Olivia Reiner while attending the AFC Championship Game in support of his brother, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, and acknowledged that he still hadn't decided on retirement but plans to continue being "involved" in the Eagles organization.

"I don’t know what’s going to happen for me. But I do know, I still want to be involved in the organization and still want to be a part of it, regardless of what the decision is. Because I don’t want to ever feel like I’m on the outside looking in on these achievements and these accolades and these opportunities that largely represent entire cities and fan bases and organizations. It’s too good a feeling to pass up,” Kelce said.

Jason had previously addressed reports that he plans to retire during an episode of his and Travis' 'New Heights' podcast, clarifying that he did address his teammates after the Eagles' Wild Card Round loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but hadn't yet made an official decision on his future.

“I didn’t announce what I was doing on purpose, despite, I guess, what’s been leaked to the media,” he said “… I just don’t think you’re in a position after a game like that to really make that decision, I just don’t, there’s too much emotion in the moment, there’s too much going down in the moment to really fully grasp that decision.”

“When it’s time to officially announce what’s happening in the future, it’ll be done in a way that’s definitive and pays respect to a lot of people and individuals that have meant a lot to me and what has led to the career I’ve had, and I don’t think it would be respectful or even accurate to be able to do that right after a game like that,” he added. “Frustrated, I guess, at everything that’s happening, but in the future there will be something said, I guess, but I did address the team and pretty much said the same thing I just said to you, which is I got belief in every single one of you guys, cherish the moments you have in this league, I think it’s kind of the way it went down.”

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