New Bill Would Ban Participation Trophies

Gold champion trophies and medals lined up in rows

Photo: Getty Images

Have participation trophies made kids too soft? A group of politicians in North Carolina think so . . . and are now pushing to BAN them.

Last Thursday, three Republican state senators introduced the "Eliminate Participation Trophies Act". It would ban them at all youth sporting events in North Carolina that are sponsored by state or local governments.

If an event or league gets government funding, any trophies or ribbons they give out would have to be based on, quote, "identified performance achievements." The idea is to stop making kids think they're a "winner" just because they showed up for something. But people in favor of the trophies think the whole topic is overblown.

In general, most of those trophies and ribbons go to young kids, like six and seven-year-olds. They usually get phased out by middle school at the latest.

The question is are they just a nice, harmless souvenir for kids to get? Or are they damaging in some way? (WLOS)

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