Chinese Kissing Device Mimic Real Kisses

Young man kissing his smart phone, close-up

Photo: Getty Images

A gadget for remote kissing is being promoted as a means for long-distance couples to keep up their physical connection. 

The Chinese device is creating quite a commotion online and according to CNN, the device has warm, movable silicon "lips" that simulate a real kiss through movement, pressure, and the temperature of the user's lips. It can convey kissing sounds in addition to the feel of a kiss.

Users download an app and plug their phone into the charging port to kiss. They then video contact their lover via the app. Users can then send duplicate kisses.

The device's developer, Jiang Zhongli, told China's state-run Global Times that his college long-distance relationship inspired it.

Would having a remote kissing device enhance your long-distance relationship?

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