PETA Tries To Convince Oscar Mayer To Change Wienermobile To Veganmobile

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile at University of Oregon

Photo: Getty Images

After hearing that thieves stole the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile's catalytic converter, officials with PETA have offered to help out with repairs and maintenance of the iconic vehicle -- providing Oscar Mayer officials do something for them in return.

In a letter sent to Kraft Heinz President Carlos Abrams-Rivera, PETA says it will be happy to foot the bill for the replacement part and one year's worth of maintenance on the hot dog-shaped vehicle. However, to receive the animal activist group's offer, Oscar Mayer has to agree to convert the Wienermobile to a Veganmobile. “PETA is willing to cover the cost of the replacement part and the maintenance of the vehicle for one year if you convert it into a Not Dogmobile or something similar," the letter reads. "With the rising demand for vegan hot dogs, now is the perfect time to put the brakes on an old idea and make a shift."

There's no word on whether Oscar Mayer is considering the proposal.

Do you think traditional hot dogs will still be available in 50 years?

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