President Biden Delivers Remarks On UFOs That Were Shot Down

President Biden Speaks On The U.S. Response To Recent Aerial Objects

Photo: Getty Images

President Biden says there's no evidence the three aerial objects shot down by the U.S. military recently are related to China's balloon surveillance program. In remarks to the nation, the President said it's still not known what the objects are, but they're likely related to commercial or research purposes. He added that there's no evidence there has been any kind of increase in the number of objects in the sky.

In an effort to prevent this from happening in the future, Biden laid out some mandates going forward. They include improving the U.S. capacity to detect unmanned objects, updating rules for launching and maintaining unmanned objects above the US, and establishing “common global norms in this largely unregulated space."

As far as U.S. relations with China are concerned, Biden plans to speak to Chinese President Xi Jinping about China's surveillance balloon. In remarks to the nation, Biden said he makes no apologies about giving the order to shoot the balloon down.

Source: CNN

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