LeBron James Complains About Being Famous

Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Lakers

Photo: Getty Images

Apparently, making $44.4 million a year as one of the greatest players in NBA history has its downsides.

Just ask LeBron James, who says there are times he wishes he could be like "regular people" who get to enjoy the simple things in life without being mobbed. "There are times when I wish I could do normal things,” he says. "I wish I could just walk outside. I wish I could just, like, walk into a movie theater and sit down and go to the concession stand and get popcorn. I wish I could just go to an amusement park just like regular people. I wish I could go to Target sometimes and walk into Starbucks and have my name on the cup just like regular people.”

That's not to say James is ungrateful for everything he has. "I’m not sitting here complaining about it -- of course not," he adds. "But it can be challenging at times."

Do you sympathize with James, or do you feel he's traded privacy for $44.4 million a year?

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