Donald Trump Allowed Back On Facebook And Instagram

Republican National Convention: Day Four

Photo: Getty Images

Former President Trump's Facebook and Instagram are being reinstated. Meta, the owner of both social media sites, announced yesterday that Trump's account's will be made active again "in the coming weeks." The company promised to put safeguards in place to prevent "repeat offenses." Along with his reinstatement, Meta posted to its website, “The public should be able to hear what politicians are saying so they can make informed choices.”

Trump was suspended from both accounts in 2021 after calling January 6th rioters "great patriots." If Trump were to post further content that violates protocols, he will be suspended between one month and two years, depending on the violation.

While no one can say for sure whether the former president will begin posting again on the either platform, some working on his campaign say he sent a letter to Meta stating his desire to come back.

Source: The Guardian

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