Nashville Contestant Rolls Up To 'Bachelor' Premiere In A Party Bus


Photo: ABC

**SPOILER ALERT: This story contains spoilers for the season premiere of The Bachelor.

The season premiere of The Bachelor kicked off Monday (January 23) night, with 30 women all vying for the heart of Zach Shallcross. Two of the contestants are from Nashville, Christina Mandrell and Bailey, both ready to represent Music City and capture Zach's attention.

While each contestant aimed at making a lasting impact when first meeting (like one woman rapping her introduction), Mandrell, niece of country music singer Barbara Mandrell, per US Weekly, really stood out — rolling up in a party bus to meet Zach in a move you could imagine seeing happen on Lower Broadway. The over-the-top intro has even produced some hilarious memes, especially aimed at the contestants who had to wait outside the bus once a party got started because there wasn't enough space. Others joked that the 11 women who were sent home should have taken the party bus instead of the normal van sendoff.

Though the season just started, it's already breaking records. According to Instagram account bachelordata, Zach kissed seven women throughout the episode, the most on-screen smooches for any Bachelor. Another contestant, Peter Weber, holds the actual title of most kisses during the first night, kissing 12 contestants but not all on-screen.

Check out some of the best tweets about the party bus.

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