National Archives Releases Thousands of JFK Assassination Documents


Photo: Getty Images

The National Archives is releasing information from about 13-thousand documents related to President John F. Kennedy's 1963 assassination. However, a White House memo adds there are a number of records that contain information for "continued postponement of public disclosure" until June 30th.

It notes that those files may cause harm to "defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or foreign relations." The release now means about 98% of all documents related to the assassination have been released, with only three-percent redacted in whole or in part. So what’s in the latest batch? According to Politico:

  • The CIA's 80-volume "personality file" on Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who assassinated Kennedy. The file includes information the CIA gathered on Oswald before and after the Kennedy attack.
  • Information on Oswald's trip to Mexico City and a CIA veteran's apparent conflict of interest.
  • But experts say no one should expect any major revelations.

ONE MORE THING! To search the available records, CLICK HERE.

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