Orion Probe Shares Photos Of 'Dark Side' Of The Moon

Waxing crescent moon with a night sky stars background. Amazing view of the tiny moon surface illuminated by the sun and the dark side of the moon. Dramatical thin line cut out in the starry nighsky

Photo: Getty Images

Cue up your Pink Floyd records, because NASA's Orion probe is checking out the dark side of the moon.

The spacecraft captured photos of the Moon's seldom-seen far side last week, during the sixth day of its Artemis I mission.

the term 'dark side' is a misnomer, because both halves of the moon get the same amount of sunlight. But because the Earth and Moon are 'tidally locked', it's impossible to see the far side without taking a photo from space.

Do you think humans will ever set up a permanent colony on the Moon?

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