This Is Tennessee's Most Popular Thanksgiving Recipe For 2022

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From sweet potato casserole and roasted turkey to soft, warm rolls fresh out of the oven and a dessert table piled a high with goodies, Thanksgiving is the perfect day to stuff yourself full of all the best foods. With the holiday just around the corner, now is the time to make sure you have everything you need for all your holiday meal food prep.

Using Google Keyword Planner data from the past year, YorkTest compiled a list of the most popular Thanksgiving recipe in each state that would-be chefs are searching for the most.

According to the report, the most popular dish that people searched for and is expected to be served this holiday is baked brie, a warm and gooey appetizer to tie you over until the main Turkey-filled event. In fact, people were so interested in finding the best baked brie recipe this year that searches increased 3,883% from last year.

So what is Tennessee's most popular Thanksgiving recipe this year?

Cranberry Sauce

Forget turkey, potatoes and veggies, cranberry sauce was the most sought-after recipe for Thanksgiving, with searches increasing 133% in 2022. Perhaps people want to try their hand at making their own sauce rather than buying the gelatinous canned offerings or they want to switch up their own homemade sauce for something new.

Tennessee wasn't the only state looking for cranberry sauce recipes this year as Washington was also craving the tart sauce.

Check out YorkTest's full report to see each state's most search-for recipes ahead of the holiday.

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