Enormous Asteroid Headed Toward Earth

Asteroid approaching planet Earth, elements of this image furnished by NASA

Photo: Getty Images

A gigantic, "potentially hazardous" asteroid is expected to within a stone's throw of Earth next week -- at least in space terms.

The 2,400-foot asteroid -- known as 2022 RM4 -- will come as close as 1.5 million miles from the planet when it zips by at 52,500 miles per hour on November 1st, NASA reports. Astronomers consider any space object that comes within 120 million miles of the planet a "near-Earth object." And any large space rock that comes within 4.6 million miles of Earth is deemed a "potentially hazardous asteroid."

While 2002 RM4 is expected to miss Earth this time around, it's getting closer every time it passes the planet, which happens every 1,397 days, according to NASA. Scientists say it could present a problem for the planet sometime in the next century.

What do you think will eventually cause Earth's demise?

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