Don't Use Dry Shampoo Until You Read This

A recall has been issued for a number of dry shampoo products after the Food and Drug Administration found they contain unsafe levels of a chemical that's known to cause cancer.

The recall, issued by shampoo company Unilever, affects eight types of Dove dry shampoo; two each of Nexxus and Suave; three sold under the Tresemme brand; and four branded Bed Head, the FDA reveals. The products affected by the recall were all produced before 2021, per the FDA.

In all cases, the dry shampoos were found to contain "elevated" levels of benzine, which can cause blood cancer, leukemia and bone cancer. A rep for Unilever says people who have bought the affected products should either throw them away or return them to their point of purchase.

What would you do if you found out a product was being recalled after you already used it?

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