Jeffrey Dahmer's dad, Lionel Dahmer, Wants To Sue Netflix

Jeffrey Dahmer's dad, Lionel Dahmer, is considering suing Netflix for not contacting him before the release of both series on Jeffrey Dahmer's heinous acts.

Lionel is also upset with Netflix for using tape recordings from his son's legal team in Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes.

Lionel has not publicly addressed these series, but he is extremely upset that many fans of both series have shown up to his property in Ohio.

A source close to Dahmer said, "I’ve personally talked to a few lawyers, and we’ve talked to his publisher about it too due to all the chaos that is going on and the stories we’ve seen."

The source continued, "Lionel and his power of attorney are gathering information and looking at a possible lawsuit against the production team or possibly Netflix. There was zero care whatsoever about Lionel’s wellbeing."

The source added, "He thinks that none of this should have been made; all the information that needs to be public is right there in his book. Everything else is just glamorized and provides attention to details that aren’t proven fact."

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