Angry Mom Goes After 12-Year-Old Player Who Tackled Her Son

The mother of a 12-year-old football player in Houston has become the subject of a police investigation after she chased a member of the opposing team who tackled her son.

The incident happened just a few minutes into a game between the Southside Ravens and the Northwest Gorillas. When another 12-year-old tackled her son in an early play, the unidentified woman blew her top -- and charged the boy, video taken at the game reveals. He took off running as the mom chased him across the field in full view of all the other parents, the clip shows. Although the woman never laid a hand on the youth, she reportedly threatened to slap him -- which was more than enough to prompt his mom from filing a report with the Houston Police Department. Investigators are "looking into the incident," a police rep says.

In a statement released Thursday, the Youth Football and Cheerleading Federation writes, "This was an incident that could have ended much worse than it did. A parent running onto the game field after an opposing team player can have a counter-effect of the child's parent responding in kind in defense of their own child, not to mention potential reactions of the staff members of both teams. Fortunately, the staff of both teams were able to get things under control and did not allow the incident to escalate."

How should this woman be penalized for her actions?

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