Can You Guess Tennessee's Best Snack?

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Who doesn't enjoy a good snack? Whether you're craving some sweet, salty or savory, there is a quick treat out there that is perfect for everyone.

Food and Wine found the best snack foods in each state, including one popular favorite that is a staple of Tennessee. According to the site, "the food in question needed to be able to ship without a lot of effort. (In other words, probably no dry ice.)"

So which snack food is the best in Tennessee?

Moon Pies

Given that Moon Pies are actually made in Tennessee, it should come as no surprise that the sandwich cookie is the state's best snack. There's even an RC Cola-Moon Pie Festival dedicated to the sweet treats (and its beloved combo with the soda) held each year in Bell Buckle, Tennessee.

Here's what Food and Wine had to say:

"Originally created as a double-decker cookie for hungry miners with limited lunchpail space, the chocolate-dipped, marshmallow-filled, graham cracker/cookie sandwich known as the Moon Pie remains a Southern icon a full century after it was created. It belongs, however, to Tennessee. Initially sold for a nickel, the pie was — and is still — produced right in Chattanooga, and it has found itself in the middle of American history time and again, from the Great Depression, when the spongy snack was an affordable meal substitute, to World War II, where the pies became a firm favorite on the front lines."

Check out Food and Wine's full list to see the best snack in each state.

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