Giant Shark Blimp To Fly Over Middle Tennessee

Photo: Getty Images

If you think you see a massive shark flying in the sky on Friday (July 1), don't worry, you're not seeing things — that's exactly what it is.

Rather, it is a blimp transformed into the aquatic predator to drum up excitement for Shark Week, the highly-anticipated annual event set to begin next month on Discovery and Discovery+. According to News Channel 5, the 128-foot-long shark-themed blimp, plastered with the "Shark Week" and network logos, will launch from Smyrna Airport on Friday and slowly make its way to Atlanta before flying around the East Coast, traveling around 250 miles per day.

The official Twitter account for Shark Week shared a timelapse video of a blimp transforming into a giant shark set to fly high over head rather than through the oceans.

"The #SharkWeek blimps are breaching into the sky this Friday!" the account said in a tweet, asking fans to follow along on the blimps' journeys and, "Rep the sharks on your coast by posting your blimp sightings on social media with #EastShark or #WestShark."

More information on the blimp, including ways to track its journey and see any route changes, can be found on the Shark Week website. Shark Week will run July 24-31.

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