Joan Jett Accuses Sea World Of Fish 'Sex Abuse'

Joan Jett has called out SeaWorld for "sexually abusing" ocean dwellers in its breeding program.

“SeaWorld has caused public outrage by continuing to forcibly breed bottlenose dolphins and beluga whales in order to create generations of animals who then suffer in cramped tanks, deprived of any semblance of a natural life,” Jett says, speaking on behalf of PETA. What's worse, Jett says, is park officials often drug female dolphins so they can't fight back when SeaWorld staff members "thrust tubes filled with semen into their uteruses.” She goes on to say, "We can all agree that sexually abusing dolphins and whales who must carry out their forced pregnancies is disrespectful to these forms of intelligent life, heedless of these wonderful animals’ rights, and just plain wrong.”

Jett's comments don't mark the first time she's taken aim at SeaWorld. In 2013, she sent the aquatic park a cease-and-desist letter to stop it from playing her music.

Is it inhumane to keep animals locked up?

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