5 Hacks For Getting Into Airport Lounges For Cheap

To make air travel less stressful, many travelers visit airport lounges for a drink, bite, or a moment of rest before takeoff. Here are some ways to get access to an airport oasis for cheap.

Get a travel credit card. “Certain premium credit cards can get you into the lounge, with no requirement to pay for an annual lounge membership,” says. Zach Griff, senior reporter at The Points Guy.

Purchase a one-day pass. Many airlines offer day passes to lounges. You must be traveling with that airline and be willing to pay a fee. It may be It is useful to get the pass directly from the lounge, as some may not allow access due to overcrowding. 

Go as a guest with a friend who has lounge privileges, or use LoungeBuddy, an app that allows you to purchase lounge access. 

What are some ways you have gotten access to lounges for free or cheaply?

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