Firm proposes Taser-armed drones to stop school shootings

One company has come up with what it believes could be the solution to school shootings: taser-armed drones.

Axon, which manufactures tasers and body cams for police officers, says sending a drone into a dangerous situation before it escalates will "help prevent the next Uvalde, Sandy Hook or Columbine," according to CEO Rick Smith.

Although the drones aren't ready to roll off the assembly line just yet, Smith says he wanted to float the concept while the tragic shooting in Texas is fresh in people's minds. "This is an idea that should get into the public's consciousness while our minds are open to it," he says. "I felt if I wait another six months, the world is going to change and people are going to forget this pain and we're going to see a shift in sentiments where people are going to focus a lot more on what could go wrong, rather than the pain of this problem we need to solve."

Can you see any downsides to using drones in active shooter situations?

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