Gene Simmons Blames Donald Trump For New Wave Of Racism

According to KISS bassist Gene Simmons, there was once a time when racist Americans had the sense to keep their views to themselves. But that all changed when Donald Trump became president.

"Look what that gentleman did to this country and the polarization — got all the cockroaches to rise to the top," Simmons says. "Once upon a time, you were embarrassed to be publicly racist and out there with conspiracy theories. Now it's all out in the open because he allowed it."

While the former president still maintains a large Republican following, Simmons say Trump has everyone fooled. "I don't think he's a Republican or a Democrat," he says. "He's out for himself, any way you can get there. And in the last election, over 70 million people bought it hook, line and sinker."

Do you agree with Simmons, or do you think he should stick to playing music?

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