Ted Nugent Tells Trump Fans to Go "Berserk on the Skulls of the Democrats"

Another day, another statement from Ted Nugent.

This time the musician is getting attention for comments made at a rally for Donald Trump on Saturday.

“Think of what the enemies of America have done over the last 14 months,” Nugent told the audience. “They didn’t sneak into the White House — they lied, they cheated, they scammed, and everyday the Democrats violate their sacred oath to the Constitution. And if you can’t impress you friends on that, they shouldn’t be your friends.”

“I love you people madly,” Nugent added, “but I’d love you more if you went forward and just went berserk on the skulls of the Democrats and the Marxists and the Communists.”

Do you think celebrities have a responsibility to talk about politics? Have you ever stopped being a fan of someone because of their political views?

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