Ted Nugent Feels "Viciously Attacked" By Joan Jett Comments

There's more to the saga of Ted Nugent criticizing Joan Jett's guitar-playing.

After Jett reacted to Nugent's criticism of her being included on a list of greatest guitarists, Nugent feels that he has been "attacked."

"I said there are a lot of killer guitar players, and Joan is a good guitar player," Nugent said on his YouTube channel. "She makes great music, it’s not adventurous as I like, but she’s awesome. So she viciously attacked me personally, saying I was jealous because I was not on it. I never mentioned I should be on it."

In case you are behind on the drama, this is all stemming from Joan Jett being included on Rolling Stone's greatest guitarists list.

Who do you think deserves to be on this list? Should Ted Nugent let this go?

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