Parents Protest Elementary School's 'Satan Club'

A group of North Carolina parents are furious over an elementary school's "After-School Satan Club."

The group, led by distraught Greensboro parent Tempe Moore, held a prayer rally on Friday outside Joyner Elementary School to protest the addition of the club. "We here in Greensboro does not want this in our schools," Moore says. "This is not a time for good men to do nothing. It’s a time to let our voices be heard."

However, Satanic Temple officials, who host the After School Satan Club, say they're "not interested in converting children to Satanism." They say they're simply trying to provide a "contrasting balance" to other after-school activities, some of which are evangelical-based clubs.

If parents are uncomfortable with the club, can't they just tell their kids they can't join?

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