Japanese 'Killing Stone' Housing Evil Spirit Breaks Open

An evil fox spirit that's been imprisoned for hundreds of years is on the loose.

That's because the Sessho-seki -- or "killing stone" -- that the ferocious fox was trapped in for 900 years has been found split into two pieces, authorities say. The broken rock was discovered Thursday in Nikko National Park, about 100 miles north of Tokyo.

While some people see the open stone as a bad omen, others think it's quite the opposite, says Nick Kapur, an associate professor of history at New Jersey's Rutgers University. "If you’re in the mood to take this negatively, you certainly can," Kapur says. "But if you want to take a positive spin on it, maybe this fox spirit is going to help us out in our time of need."

How do you think the stone broke into two?

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