OJ Simpson Says He 'Understands' Will Smith's Oscar Slap

Former football great O.J. Simpson has become the latest celebrity to weigh in on Will Smith's slap attack on Chris Rock during Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony -- and he says he "understands" how Smith was feeling at the time.

"He was wrong, but I understand the sentiment," the Juice says, adding that he was once the go-to butt of comedians' jokes. "Uh, look, I understood the feeling. In my life, I've been through a lot of crap. I was raising two young kids and every comedian in the country had an O.J. routine, and don't think I wouldn't want to b-slap a couple of those guys."

However, Simpson says he restrained himself -- which is what Smith should have done. "You've gotta accept it; it's humor," Simpson says. "And I didn't even think that was all that egregious. I thought it was a semi-unfunny joke, but I don't know. I don't get it."

What's the most outrageous part of O.J.'s statement?

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