Company Offers $6,500 To Smell Dog Poop

A dog food company is running a promotion where they'll pay you more than $6,500 to switch your dog's food to theirs for two months. Cool, right?

Well, there's one MASSIVE catch. During those two months, you also have to collect your dog's poo . . . analyze it . . . smell it . . . and keep a diary on how it may change day-by-day. Especially with regard to how it smells.  (???)

It's a PLANT-BASED company called Omni, and they're looking to prove that their dog food has a positive effect on a dog's "digestion, stool odor, and general health." So, they want to see your comprehensive logs on your dog's poo.

Tragically, this exciting opportunity may not be available in the U.S. 

Omni is based in the U.K., and while they don't specifically exclude the U.S., they don't normally ship their dog food here, so it doesn't sound like Americans would be accepted.  (But if you want to try, here's the application.)

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