Ex-Stripper Running for Congress

A former stripper in Philadelphia is running for Congress -- and she's not the least bit ashamed of her past.

When she launched her campaign, 28-year-old Alexandra Hunt says she was concerned her steamy past would hurt her chances of being elected, noting, "I worked as a stripper during college to pay bills, but I feared the stigma of this work so much that I kept it a deeply buried secret." However, that's changed. She now openly discusses her former gig at campaign stops, and is even selling T-shirts emblazoned with the messages, "Elect Hoes" and, "I may have danced for money but I'm no corporate wh***."

In fact, Hunt wants to fight for women who work in the sex industry, campaigning on promises to decriminalize sex work and abolish loitering laws in Philly.

Is there any chance Hunt will be elected?

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