A Restaurant Got Busted for Selling Costco Cakes

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Someone on Reddit has made quite an allegation about a “Red Velvet Cake for Two” he recently ordered at a restaurant. He noticed that his dessert looked just like Costco’s mini red velvet cakes with some vanilla ice cream and a little whipped cream to ‘disguise’ it.

Several Reddit users were surprised, but some weren’t at all. One Redditor reported that a Charleston-based restaurant was selling a $2 Kirkland Cheese Pizza for $18 that was marketed as a fresh-oven baked pizza and other users say it’s a common thing to sell Costco desserts as if they were their own at smaller establishments.

The “Red Velvet Cake for Two” was priced at $18 bucks and you can buy a box of 6 for $8 on your own, so that has some other people tweaked as well. One user said “You should go buy some (from Costco), take on the to the restaurant with your bill, give it to them, and ask them to take it off the bill.” So the big beef seems to buy these price markups as well as restaurants copping out and not preparing the food themselves.

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