Two Sisters Got into a Drunken, Half-Naked Brawl at Disney World

When you take your family to Disney World, you expect to make memories. But ideally, GOOD memories . . .

Two sisters . . . who are both adults . . . recently got into a drunken BRAWL in a section of Disney World called Disney Springs where a lot of shops and restaurants are.

One is 29, and the other is 31. They're both from New Jersey, and were having dinner with their family. Then they went to an Irish pub for drinks and had a few too many.

They were trying to get home around midnight, but their phone died. So a security guard called them an Uber. But the Uber driver refused to take them, because they were so drunk. Then the two sisters turned on each other for some reason.

The older one called the younger one a bad mom and SLAPPED her. Then they started throwing punches. And at some point, the younger sister puked on the ground.

Security tried to separate them, but they got free . . . charged at each other . . . slipped in the puke . . . and fell into some bushes. This all happened outside the Cirque du Soleil tent, by the way.

The younger sister then took her dress off . . . we're guessing because it was covered in puke. So all she had on her were underwear and sandals, no bra . . . and they continued to fight. They got arrested for battery and domestic violence. But the D.A. decided not to pursue the case, so the charges were dropped.

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