Employer Makes Bartender Repay Money after he's Robbed at Gunpoint

A Las Vegas bartender has filed a lawsuit against his employer, claiming he was forced to repay money that was stolen in an armed robbery.

Edward Parker was tending bar at The Lodge Hualapai in December 2020 when a gunman confronted him and ordered him "to kneel on the ground and put his hands behind his head," according to legal paperwork filed in Clark County. The gun-toting thief then cleared out the register -- taking a total of $3,937.35 -- and left, the suit reads. Parker's boss then made him sign a repayment form, which allowed him to deduct $300 from each of Parker's paychecks until the sum was repaid, the suit reveals. To add insult to injury, his boss fired him once the money was paid, Parker says.

According to the lawsuit, two suspects have since been arrested in connection with the robbery, and "there is no evidence whatsoever that Edward knew these individuals." The owners of the bar have not yet commented on the lawsuit.

Unless Parker had something to do with the robbery, will this be an easy victory for him?

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