INTERVIEW | Alice Cooper Thinks Rock Should be Anti-Political

"FOX & Friends" All American Concert Series - Alice Cooper

Photo: Getty Images

Alice Cooper says he hates mixing music and politics. 

In a new interview, the classic rocker said, “I don’t ever talk politics…I hate politics. I don’t think rock ‘n’ roll and politics belong in the same bed together, but a lot of people think it does — because we have a voice, and we should use our voice. But again, rock ‘n’ roll should be anti-political, I think. When my parents started talking about politics, I would turn on The [Rolling] Stones as loud as I could. I don’t want to hear politics, and I still feel that way.” 

Cooper also called his shows “a vacation from CNN,” insisting, “I’m not preaching anything up there, and I’m not knocking anybody…That’s what was funny about it. If you’re in the political theater, you’d better be able to take a joke. So, that’s okay. I don’t mind the satire of it, but I don’t ever go up there and tell you who to vote for.” 

Do you think rock and politics should mix?

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