Supernatural Series Finale

One of our favorite shows, Supernatural, is coming to a close. To celebrate its epic 15 season run, we're hooking you up with Superbucks! Listen to Big Rig at 4:10pm all week long for your shot to win!

The history making 15th and final season of Supernatural is coming to a close on Thursday, November 19th at 7pm. What's the end game for Sam and Dean Winchester? Will they finally find peace as their hero's journey comes to a close? 

They've been through it all! Death? Nailed it! Heaven and Hell? Been there, done that! Sam and Dean certainly know how to make demon-hunting look fun, but we know better! This pair has carried on the family business with vigor and valor. Now, how will it all end? 

Tune into the epic series finale of Supernatural, following the one-hour special, Supernatural: The Long Road Home. It all starts Thursday, November 19th at 7pm only on CW-58. And stream free the next day on the CW app!

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