Man Falls 100 Feet To His Death After Climbing Tree At The Edge Of A Cliff

A hiker plunged to his death while posing for a photograph on the Devil's Cauldron Trail in Oswald West State Park in Oregon. Authorities said that 43-year-old Steven Gastelum was hiking with a friend when he decided to stop for a photo at the top of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Gastelum climbed a tree near the edge of the cliff, but the tree branch snapped, and he fell over 100 feet into the choppy water below. A search and rescue team was dispatched and managed to locate Gastelum.

"U.S. Coast Guard helicopter and Nehalem Bay Fire Department jet skis assisted in locating Gastelum and bringing him to shore," the Oregon State Police said in a statement.

Gastelum was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The area where Gastelum fell was fenced off and had a warning sign advising people to stay away from the edge of the cliff.

Gastelum is not the first person to die on the Devil's Cauldron Trail. In September 2017, Joe Lescene, 51, lost his footing and fell 800 feet into the Pacific Ocean. Authorities didn't find his body until ten days later when it washed up on the shore.

Photo: Oregon State Police