Man Cruises Down The Highway In The Passenger Seat Of Self-Driving Tesla

A driver in North Carolina wanted to test out the capabilities of his brand new self-driving Tesla Model X and took it out on the highway. Instead of sitting behind the wheel, which Tesla recommends, Albert Siplen decided to sit in the passenger seat

He started recording as his car cruised down the highway, passing trucks and cars while staying in the left lane and maintaining a speed of 65 mph.

"I was nervous my first time doing it," Siplen told Storyful.

The Model X has a ton of features that make driving easier and less tedious. It will automatically find an optimized route to your destination, and once you arrive, you can get out, and the car will find a parking space on its own. When you are ready to depart, you can summon the vehicle to your location using your cell phone. 

After he was done showing off his Tesla on the highway, Siplen took it to a parking lot, where he tested out the vehicle's "Smart Summon" feature. 

"The most advanced car in the world 🌎 #Tesla This was just a test run. I think I got it under control now. Time to go to Wal-Mart," Siplen wrote on Facebook.

While Tesla boasts that the Model X is capable of "short and long-distance trips with no action required by the person in the driver's seat," the car company says that the "Autopilot features require active driver supervision."

It is unclear if Siplen could face charges for not sitting behind the wheel while the car was on the highway.

Photo: Getty Images

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