Rhythm Rockin Challenge

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Calling all singer/songwriters!

Enter the Rockin’ Rhythm Challenge to win THREE GRAND from the all-new Rhythm CDJR!

Submission details and contest rules at Rhythm CDJR.com! Feel the rhythm, love the ride

Step 1: Get Creative. · Write original lyrics for a song or jingle. · Feel free to get creative with content, but please limit submissions to 1 minute or less.

Step 2: Submit Your Song. · Choose from 3 submission options:

  • Upload to Instagram with #RhythmRocks.
  • Upload to Facebook with #RhythmRocks.
  • Email to submit@RhythmCDJR.com along with your name and phone number.

· If submitting via social media, make sure the post is public and that you’re following Rhythm CDJR. · Be sure to submit before 2/14/2020.

Step 3: Encourage Fans to Vote.

  • After the submission period, finalists will be selected.
  • Voting will then open to the public on social media.

Step 4: Win! · The winner will receive a $3,000 prize from Rhythm CDJR, as well as the opportunity to participate in radio interviews and collaborate with Rhythm CDJR to produce a full radio spot.

The completed radio spot will air as part of a marketing campaign for Rhythm CDJR.

To enter: Visit Rhythm CDJR's website below!

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