My Record of the Week: HALF NOISE, Scooby's In The Back

Last week may have been all about Paramore's long awaited comeback, and rightly so, "After Laughter" dropped on Friday (May 12th) and is SO SO good! But credit where credit's due to the bands prodigal drummer Zac Farro who has also been busy with his side project HALFNOISE. 

This is no recent venture, Zac's debut self-titled HalfNoise EP came out in 2012. Since then, he's released two studio albums, Volcano Crowe (2014) and Sudden Feeling (2016), and most recently, The Velvet Face EP, which came out 2 months ago (March 24th). 

The EP opens with "Scooby's In The Back", which personally I feel is the best song to come out of 2017 so far. It's super catchy, upbeat and fun. Paramore demonstrated this by performing it as part of their encore at least week's show at the Exit In, with Zac upfront and centre. Get used to hearing this on ALT as I'll be spinning it twice a day all week as my Record of the Week. 

Check It Out Below: 

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