Gorman and Gorman

Steve Gorman is a lifelong jock and lunatic sports fan who enjoyed a 27 year carnival ride as the drummer in The Black Crowes, the band he founded in 1987. Along the way he launched Steve Gorman Sports!, a sports talk radio show here in Nashville. SGS went nationwide on Fox Sports Radio in 2014. Steve, quite happily, has one wife, two kids, two cats, one dog, eleven drum kits, and was never anywhere near as good a basketball player as he might have you believe.

The stories keep rolling from Jeffrey Gorman due the many jobs he’s held thru his career: a roadie with the The Black Crowes, TV host, radio host, an actor with many bad movies and commercials to his credit, and finally a decade in the front office of the Indianapolis Colts overseeing the TV and Radio Dept. Also, Jeffrey’s never afraid to let the truth get in the way of a good story. Listen in on 105.9 The Rock M-F from 4:30-7:00pm.