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Born in bone-dry Arizona, Esseri had the upbringing of a single father who happened to be a songwriter. In crafting his first song for Esseri, he came up with her name. He would carry her around the piano and sing to her his melodies. And as she grew Esseri developed a wild love for music, the stage and method acting.

Esseri has modeled internationally with London Fashion Week, John Frieda and the Hutton Hotel. She’s shot 100s of spreads and loooooves when photogs allow her to get creative. She’s performed at Carnegie Hall NYC, The Ryman Auditorium twice, TOSCA at TPAC, Studied Method Acting at Lee Strasberg Manhattan, Showcased for SHoF (Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame) with Lady Gaga, performed back up vox for Moby and The Little Death at Oliver Stone’s Sundance Film Fest viewing and continues a career as a bicoastal studio artist. Esseri’s newest endeavor is currently as an On Air personality for 105.9 The Rock and Kick-Ass Correspondent for iHeart Media. She continues to create on all fronts. And her favorite music includes, The Black Crowes, Heart, 90’s Country, MisEducation of Lauren Hill, Van Morrison, Lady Gaga and Any thing ROCK! Visit for more.



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