It's April Fool's Day, how's your spaghetti crop? That question dates back to April Fool's Day in 1957. That's when the BBC fooled listeners into believing spaghetti grew on trees. Swiss spaghetti farmers were said to be having a bumper crop because of the virtual elimination of the dreaded spaghetti weevil. The California-based Museum of Hoaxes ranks the spaghetti tree prank as the greatest April Fool's Day hoax of all time.

Another classic is the 1962 Swedish Color TV Hoax. An engineer with the country's lone TV station, which broadcast in black and white at the time, told viewers they could see the programming in color if they would pull nylon stockings over their sets. Taco Bell struck April Fool's gold in 1996 when the fast-food chain announced it was buying the Liberty Bell and changing its name to the Taco Liberty Bell.

Of course, politics aren't off limits for April Fool's Day pranks. In 2011, the National Republican Senatorial Committee released a parody ad that called President Obama the greatest president ever, and one who fulfilled all his promises. It ended with a picture of Obama riding a flying unicorn that had a rainbow coming out of its backside.