Former President Bill Clinton just might be pleased to see Jay Leno stepping down. A new Center for Media Affairs study has found that the nation's 42nd president took the most ribbing from the "Tonight Show" host.

The center studied nearly 44-thousand of Leno's politically-based monologue jokes, and found that Clinton was the subject four-thousand-607 times, or roughly ten-percent. Former President George Bush is second on the list, getting skewered just over 32-hundred. Clinton's vice president and Bush's rival in the 2000 election, Al Gore, has the number three spot, generating one-thousand-26 jokes -- just 15 more than current President Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton rounds out the top five, taking a hit from Leno 939 times.

The top ten also includes former Vice President Dick Cheney, Monica Lewinsky, and former Senator Bob Dole, along with Senator John McCain and former Massachusetts Governor and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Overall, Leno targeted Democrats more than Republicans. Since starting on "The Tonight Show" in 1992, Leno has targeted Democrats ten-thousand-885 times, while Republicans featured in nine-thousand-465 jokes. Jay is wrapping up his "Tonight Show" run this week. His final show is coming up on Thursday.

Here is Jay from Monday night with the man who is taking over his Tonight Show seat...