To save or spend -- that's the question Americans expecting a tax refund are grappling with.

Eight out of ten respondents in Capital One Bank's "Taxes and Savings Survey" say they anticipate getting money back from Uncle Sam this year, and 52-percent already have plans for those funds. But fewer than ten-percent will be using the money to splurge on something fun.

Nearly 60-percent intend to apply their refund toward bills and other debts, while 15-percent say their refund will help with daily expenses and necessities. Seven-percent will be making a major purchase, such as a car or a household appliance. But another seven-percent are going to pay for a vacation with their refund. Just one-percent will bolster their wardrobe or get some new electronic item -- like a smartphone, TV, or iPad -- with the money they get back.

Forty-percent plan to save their refund. A third will put the money into an emergency or "rainy day" fund. Fifteen-percent are going to apply the money toward their retirement, while eight-percent say their refund will help put their kids through school.