Many Americans believe Justin Bieber could benefit from some rest.

The pop star is easily topping the Boll & Branch "Celebrity Most In Need of a Good Night's Sleep" list. Nearly half of the respondents in the bedding company's poll say Bieber would be wise to spend more nights at home getting some shut-eye instead of going out partying. Miley Cyrus ranks second, with nods from 17-point-five-percent. She just edges out Lindsay Lohan, who has the number three spot with 16-point-nine-percent of the vote.

Meanwhile, the public seems to think Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are getting enough slumber, with fewer than one-percent saying they should be on the list. Eight-point-nine-percent think New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in need of sleep. He's the only celebrity on the list who isn't an entertainer.