Steve Perry recently said he is working on reuniting with his former band Journey but management for the band say it's not going to happen. As early as last July, there was some movement with Neal Schon with the guitarist posting on Perry's Facebook "We had amazing chemistry together ... Steve, let's talk soon."

One thing that is known is that, if Perry were to reunite with the band, it would not be at the expense of current lead singer Arnel Pineda. Schon has stated that Arnal is with the band for as long as it stays together.

Journey's management has now posted a statement that debunks most of the talk:

Stories printed earlier today around the world commenting on Steve Perry talking to Neal Schon/Journey once again are totally inaccurate. I can 100% confirm there has been no business/reunion communication between the camps and while everyone is on good terms, with no issues, there are no plans for any kind of reunion or attempts to work together in the foreseeable future.

As Journey management stated : "No reunion plans...all is well in the Journey camp...big tour in the US this summer - Journey/Steve Miller and Tower of Power."

I can add that Steve's recently quoted responses to media about his situation: "I haven't worked with Neal. We're trying. It's tough. I'm doing my best in that area and I can only do so much," is basically a polite answer to the question he is always going to be asked. And watching him say it on video gives it better context than the quote in text".

Sorry Steve Perry fans...I guess we all got a little excited! Back to Arnel...