When Head East play their signature song, keyboardist Roger Boyd says it's like watching a home run ball or a touchdown pass. Boyd says when they play ``Never Been Any Reason,'' the eruption out of the crowd is unbelievable. It's not a bad reaction for a song with a mistake in it. Boyd says in the studio version, he forgot to hit the ``mute'' button during the keyboard solo and two solos ended up on the record. The band thought it sounded good, so they kept it. ``Never Been Any Reason'' is one of the songs on Head East's new live record, ``Raise A Little Hell,'' out now.

This song is part of the soundtrack to my high school years! I played it cover bands back then and am STILL playing it in cover bands today - it's just that good. Listen for the double synth solo in the first video of the album track. Also, check out a great live version of the song!