Budweiser is living up to its slogan "The King of Beers." But that isn't entirely a good thing.

The brand is leading the list of favorite beers in a new Survey Analytics poll, with 51-percent saying it's the brew they enjoy the most. However, Bud is also "King" of the least favorite beers, getting a thumbs down from 46-percent. But among the favorites, no other brand even comes close. Coors ranks second with 13-percent of the vote, while 12-percent prefer Corona and ten-percent like Stella. And when it comes to choosing a favorite beer, 32-percent select the brand they t

hink has the best ads. Nearly 30-percent base their decision on the location of the brewery, and 22-percent consider the style of beer the company makes. Just five-percent use price to determine the beer they're going to buy.

I guess I am in that five-percent category. Price most often determines which brand goes into my cooler! My favorite beer? Free and cold!