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I will say that I'm a BIG fan of our Tennessee Titans! Been a fan since the day they came to Tennessee! I've sat there through the good seasons and the bad. One thing is I'm very optimistic about the team. Last year they took a turn in the right direction to get back to a winning season. 

Do I think they will ever win a Superbowl? Yes I think one day they will and hopefully it'll be during my lifetime. They've got all of the right pieces and one hell of a team! We've all seen those stories of people getting a tattoo predicting their team to win the Superbowl right? Sometimes they are right but most of the time they are wrong and then have to live with that for the rest of their lives or get a cover up.

One man here in Tennessee has lowered his expectations of the Titans this year! Instead of going out and getting 2017 Super Bowl Champs or hell even AFC Champs he went and took it lower LOL! He got 2017 AFC South Champions tattooed on his arm! I've gotta say the way the Titans are looking this could actually happen!

One thing though, what does he do if they don't win?