While he was driving from Iowa to a funeral in Wisconsin, Todd Steinkamp heard a troubling noise coming from his tire. He was only 70 miles away from the destination, his boss’ wife’s service, when he pulled over to find a mechanic at seven in the morning.

Thankfully, Steinkamp found 74-year-old Glenn Geib, a mechanic who quickly identified the issue, but realized it would take hours to repair. So when a call to a local dealership for a loaner car didn’t work out, Geib gave Steinkamp the keys to his own truck - before he even knew the man’s name!

Geib says the young man hesitated at first, but then he got back on the road and made it to the funeral. Steinkamp says his story about borrowing a stranger’s truck even helped bring a little levity to a somber day. And he returned the truck later that day to the good samaritan mechanic.

Source: Inside Edition